Recently, I think more about our friendship.I feel happiness with our friendship which is unconditional and uncritical. We got together based  on mutual respect and the ability to enjoy each other's company.

Once,we have tried our best to help each other.Once,we have argue with each other.    But,    We never means  we would be  depart   from each other .I  wasn"t about  to leave you no matter what happened…

I see,you have  realised    your   words'means. I also have   known  I   no need  to expressed  my  discomfort with your actions since then.      Athough I don't believe the one reason is   because of someone.

In fact,I care much.However,I don't  be used to express what I want.

You are right,I am a weaker indeed!

By watching your leaving words,I just only say,I will respect your choose.  I  hope you will live your desirable  life in future.I hope  you can never  be  hurt in future.Be careful  about anything bad this world.

My dear baby!I bless you forever…You are my  precious memory.Dear!

Maybe,a love affair will through time--when we meet next…I wish!